Rental Policy – Prox9 Car Rental

*Age of driver should be more than 25+ years
*Driver/Hirer to hold valid 1 Year UAE driving license &/or convertible license supported with 1 year home country license.

All drivers must have a current driving license for minimum of one (1) year. Regulations for visitors (Non UAE residents) are subject to change and customers should check at the counter upon arrivals All non-UAE residents wishing to rent, are required to hold an international driving license along with their national driving license. Renter on a Residence / Employment visa should have a local driving license of UAE.

The estimated cost of the rental and insurance charges are payable in advance. A credit card is mandatory for any reservation. A ‘Pre-authorization’ is taken at the time of rental which includes the total cost the rental plus AED 1000/- towards any additional charges such as Traffic Fines, Toll Gate Fees, etc. Customers can opt to pay via cash at the end of the rental. Credit card should be valid for a minimum of 3 months. Please note that in all cases, DEBIT CARDs are not accepted as ‘security’. For more information regarding payment, please contact the reservation’s office.

This is mandatory insurance. The renter will be responsible for an excess up to AED 750. If declined, for any reason, the renter will be responsible for an excess up to AED 5000. In case of any accidents/damages, a police report must be obtained by contacting the local authorities, in order for the insurance to be covered.

This insurance is sold in addition to the normal Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance. By accepting this, the renter is not liable for damages to the vehicle, “ZERO LIABILITIES”. Terms & Conditions apply. Charges depend on the type of vehicle rented. PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) This is an optional insurance for the driver and the passengers, in respect of death or bodily injury whilst in the vehicle during the rental. Terms & Conditions apply. Claims are subject to UAE Courts approval.

The insurance policy does not cover acts of Sabotage, Terrorism, flood, storm, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earth quake or other convulsions of nature, invasion act of foreign enemies, hostilities or warlike operations whether war be declared or not civil war, strike, riot, civil commotion mutiny, rebellion, revolution insurrection military or usurped power, confiscation or nationalization, Reckless and Drunken Driving (under the influence of alcohol and any other substance).

Vehicle is comprehensively insured including third party liability. Terms & Conditions apply. ACCIDENTS: U.A.E Law prescribes not to move the car in the event of an accident until a police report and a repair slip has been obtained. Failure to do so may result in the renter being responsible for the damages. Prox vehicles are not allowed to be driven out of UAE, except for Oman, along with legal documentation obtained prior to the trip. Additional Oman Insurance must also be obtained in advance, which is mandatory, if travelling to Oman by road in an Prox vehicle.

Vehicles are only allowed to be driven out of United Arab Emirates to Oman with prior approval and legal documents. Advance notification of two (2) days is required to ensure that the documents can be arranged. Insurance papers allowing travel to Oman will be handed to the customer at time of the rental or will have to be collected before the travel date/time. Additional Oman Insurance must also be obtained in advance, which is mandatory, if travelling to Oman by road in an Prox vehicle.

Delivery and Collection services are available, on request, subject to driver and vehicle availability. Charges vary depending on the location. For Delivery and Collection

This is subject to Prox driver qualification and will be charged at AED 50 for each additional driver, per rental. Breakdown Recovery Service Service is available 24/7. Complete details will be provided at the time of rental. Recovery Service fee varies depending on location.

All repairs and maintenance would be carried out only at Prox workshops. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, kindly contact our Call Centre or the rental location from where the vehicle was taken / delivered.

Daily & Weekly Rentals The Daily / Weekly Rentals are calculated on 24-hour basis with a maximum of 1 hour grace period. If the renter extends for more than 1 hour, an additional day will be charged.

Monthly rentals are calculated on minimum 30 days period. If the renter returns the vehicle before the completion of the first month, the rate would change according to the number of days actually rented. Hence a daily or weekly rate would apply.

Airport surcharge A surcharge of AED 25 is applicable for all rentals taking place at all airport locations in the UAE. This surcharge is also applicable to rentals which have taken place at a non-airport location but are returning to an airport location in the UAE.

A fee of AED 50 per accident will be charged as an accident handling administration fee, over and above the damage repair costs or applicable excess.

Petrol is not included in the rates. Vehicles must be filled with special grade petrol. The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as it was at the point of pick up. A refueling surcharge of 20% will be made for any vehicle returned with less fuel.

A surcharge of AED 50 is applicable, over and above the traffic fine as a handling administration fee. ‘Salik’ (Toll Gate System) is charged @ AED 5 per crossing. Tyre Replacement Service Charge A surcharge of AED 100 will be charged, over and above the tyre repair costs or applicable excess, as a handling administration fee. Tint Film Removal A fee of AED 100 will be charged if the rented vehicle is returned with tinted film on the windows. One Way Fee A drop off fee is applicable when renting a vehicle in one city and dropping it off in another, within the UAE. Group A to F: AED 200, Group G and above: AED 300 and all car groups one way fee to/from Ruwais is AED 800. Baby / Child Seat Baby / Child seats are available at all Prox rental offices at an additional cost of AED 10 per day, up to a maximum of AED 200. Prior reservations are required.

GPS GPS are available at all Prox rental offices at an additional cost of AED 50 per day, AED 250 per week and AED 450 per month. Prior reservations are required. Restricted Areas Vehicles are not allowed to be driven off road or into the dessert. In case of any violations, insurance will not be covered.

Drive on the right hand side.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Airports are open on all holidays. Customers would have to contact the Call Centre to enquiry about other locations timings during holidays.

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