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I would really like to thank for making my last trip the best I had in years. It’s one of the many things that have made me love Dubai. Not only it’s one of the best places to have your holidays but every inch of this city speaks about perfection. The car rental company we dealt in was a perfect example of this superiority.

My colleagues are from South Africa working in an IT firm. We decided to visit Dubai before anybody’s marriage. This New Year’s Eve was our target and we flew to Dubai to achieve it. We were 6 friends and booked seats in a nearby restaurant to watch the famous celebration that happens in Burj Khalifa. We reached Dubai on the evening of 28th December to have a full experience of the New Year feast.  My friend asked about renting a car for touring the place instead of public transport. After watching movies like ‘Hangover” we were really excited to ride ourselves on the streets of Dubai.

I am not exaggerating but the driving experience was so good that we did not let the car to go even after expiration of our deal. We rented it for two more days until the end of our vacation. I must say that was the best decision of that journey. The car we hired was a G-Class AMG G63 by Mercedes-Benz. We travelled without a map or a GPS to make this journey memorable. In case you might not know, that car is a treat to ride. It’s so smooth and powerful that anybody will fall for it. We rode through almost all the best places in Dubai speculating and asking our way through the city.

On 31st December, we took a long road towards the desert area. The ride was so pleasing we forgot our bookings for the New Year celebration. We were to too reluctant about leaving the car even after we recalled our main reason to come here. We watched the fireworks brighten the sky at midnight but were happier than ever beside our metal friend from Dubai. We will come back again and drive the same car from Thanks a lot, guys you made our day.

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